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The Hitachi Global Foundation


The Kurata Grants are incentive grants for scientific research. They were established through the efforts of Chikara Kurata, Hitachi,Ltd. Second President, as a means to promote the development of Japanese science and technology. In 1967, the grants were set up through the contribution of funds aimed at this goal.
The Hitachi Global Foundation, through the promotion of science and technology, aims to contribute to the realization of Society 5.0*, which will realize both economic growth and the resolution of social issues through the development of science and technology.
To this end, the Foundation provides research grants to researchers who carry out basic and applied research in a natural science field or in an interdisciplinary field connecting the natural and social sciences.

* Society 5.0: This expression is used in the “5th Science and Technology Basic Plan” issued by the Cabinet Office of the Japanese government. Society 5.0 is seen as the latest stage in the development of human society. Human society evolved first from a hunting society to an agricultural society. It next developed to an industrial society, and then to an information society. Scientific and technological innovation will lead and shape the transformation that will create a new society, Society 5.0, to succeed the information society.


Researchers who belong to research institution in Japan (such as a graduate school with a doctoral course; a department under such a graduate school; or a corporation that can apply Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research -KAKENHI-). Researchers of any nationality in these institutions can apply for the grants.

Eligible research areas

With regards to the three fields below, we are looking for original, pioneering, promising research that consciously seeks to find solutions to social issues and make social impact through advances in scientific engineering. In addition to natural science research, we are actively seeking research into aspects of social science that cannot be addressed through natural science research alone.

  • Ⅰ. Energy, Environment
  • Ⅱ. Urban Development, Transportation
  • Ⅲ. Healthcare

Selection process

A selection committee is responsible for screening applications based on a review of application documents.

Period of research/Period of use of the grant

In principle, the period of research and use of the grant will be one year, with a maximum of two years.

Expenses covered by the grant

The grant will cover direct expenses incurred for attaining the grantee’s research project objectives. However, the following expenses will be excluded:
・Indirect expenses for the maintenance of the general research environment of the institution to which the researcher belongs
・The personnel expenses of the principal researcher and collaborating researchers



Application method

Open, electronic application. After confirming the application guidelines, please submit your application. We will not accept applications submitted by postal mail.

【Documents required for application】
  • (1) Application (research plan)
  • (2) Consent form
  • (3) Papers submitted by the applicant, as reference for the selection committee to use in evaluating the application (Submit no more than three reports.)

Contact us

Kurata Grants Office, The Hitachi Global Foundation


Chikara Kurata
Hitachi,Ltd. Second President,
Chikara Kurata

【About the Kurata Grants】

In the early 1950s, Japan was faced with a situation in which Europe and the United States appeared to have overwhelmingly superior technology. At that time, Japan tended to rely on overseas technology in almost every field. President Kurata thought that as soon as possible Japan should promote science and technology that would benefit Japan. He resolved that Japan had to establish its own, world-class technology. This resolution became his lifetime goal. To achieve this goal, he contributed his company retirement allowance to set up the Kurata Grants.