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The Hitachi Global Foundation

Message from the President

Foundation Hitachi Global FoundationChairman, Koji Tanaka

Koji Tanaka
The Hitachi Global Foundation

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing understanding and support for Hitachi Global Foundation. 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of activities being launched by Hitachi's foundations. I am truly grateful that the support you have given us over half a century has allowed us to continue these activities.

Chikara Kurata played a vital role in the history of Hitachi's foundations. Kurata was Hitachi's second President, and he would come to be known as a restorer of Hitachi. After the Second World War, Japan was almost completely reliant on the West for advanced technologies. Kurata was concerned about this situation, and advocated the promotion of science and technology. In 1967, as he retired from his role as chairman, he donated his own retirement money to establish the Society for the Promotion of Technology with the aim of promoting Japanese technology and supporting original research by young Japanese researchers.
From 1967 to 1984, successive presidents and vice presidents of Hitachi established five foundations to respond to the needs of the times. These were merged in 2015 to create The Hitachi Global Foundation, with the aim of promoting cooperation and synergy.

The rapid advance of technology in the age of IoT has made our lives richer and more comfortable. On the other hand, there is growing concern about our increasingly diverse and complex society. Japan aims to be a scientific and technological powerhouse, but there is apprehension about the falling interest in science and technology among the younger generation, which would weaken the foundations of our future manufacturing and innovation. Moreover, there are concerns about the impact on local communities of a rapidly declining birthrate, aging society, and falling population, and there is an urgent need to build a society in which the elderly and other vulnerable members of society are able to lead safe and secure lives in their communities.

Against the backdrop of these challenges, The Hitachi Global Foundation has been developing a range of activities in the following three key areas: the promotion of academic research, science and technology; human development; and support for local communities, inheriting our predecessors’ long-held aspirations to contribute to society. The main pillar of our research support is provided by The Kurata Grants, and we work actively to support the fostering of the next generation of science and engineering-related personnel and to raise awareness of the challenges faced by our communities.
Hitachi advocates social innovation; as Hitachi’s corporate foundation, by sharing social issues with the Hitachi Group and taking a unique approach that harnesses our mutual strengths, the Hitachi Global Foundation aims to enhance social value.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.