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The Hitachi Global Foundation


Promotion of academic research, science and technology

Research grants program

The Kurata Grants are offered to researchers engaging in basic and applied researches in the fields of natural sciences and the combined fields of natural and social sciences.

International scholarship

The Hitachi Scholarship supports outstanding researchers who wish to conduct research at universities and research institutions in Japan.

Promotion of academic research

The Foundation is also involved in a range of educational activities designed to promote science.

  • Takao Memorial Program:
    Open seminars and classes at Ibaraki University and open lectures on science and technology.
  • Support for the Stockholm Prize in Criminology

Human development

Nurturing the future science and engineering-related personnel

The Foundation is involved in the development of education programs and activities to support the development of human resources in the field of science and engineering to lead the future generations of Japan.

Support for Local communities

Social awareness

The Global Hitachi Foundation is involved in a range of social awareness activities focusing on a variety of social issues dealing with disparity in urban society, including child poverty, Japan’s aging population and issues surrounding nursing care etc.

Working with the community

The Foundation runs a variety of activities to promote basic and social education in Ibaraki Prefecture, the founding home of Hitachi.

  • Daisuki Ibaraki Composition Contest
  • Takeuchi Kamejiro Memorial Cup Hitachi City Boys and Girls Athletic Meet
  • Open childcare lectures & seminars