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The Hitachi Global Foundation

The Kurata Memorial Hitachi Science and Technology Foundation / Hitachi Mirai Foundation / The Odaira Memorial Hitachi Education Foundation / Hitachi Environment Foundation / Hitachi Scholarship Foundation

FY 2015
  • Established the Hitachi Global Foundation (April 1)
  • Set the fields of "Promotion of Academic Research, Science and Technology," "Human Development," and "Support for Local Communities" as the key areas
FY 2016
  • Launched the Hitachi Future Innovator Program
  • Launched the Girls in Science Support Project
  • Renewed the Kurata Grant
FY 2017
  • Marked the 50th anniversary of Hitachi's foundation activity (March 29)
FY 2018
  • Revised the key areas to "Promotion of Academic Research, Science and Technology," "Human Development" and "Realization of an Inclusive Society"
FY 2019
  • Launched the Symposium on Realization of an Inclusive Society
  • Launched the Hitachi Global Foundation Science and Technology Seminars
FY 2020
  • Launched the Hitachi Global Foundation Asia Innovation Award
  • Expanded the eligibility fields of the Kurata Grants to the humanities and social science research field
FY 2021
  • Launched the Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases
  • Launched PR team under Secretary General