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Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious DiseasesFirst Interim Report Meeting

Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases is a grant program to provide grants for evidence-based research projects aiming to academically research, analyze, and study the various issues that have surfaced due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and then share the learnings internationally. This fund has been established in 2021 by donations from Hitachi, Ltd., its executives and employees of Hitachi, Ltd., and executives of Hitachi Group companies based on our vision.
Call for applications began in April 2021, and after review by the selection committee, five research projects were selected for funding in November of the same year, with research activities starting in December. Research activities are scheduled to continue for three years until the end of November 2024.

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, we held the first interim report meeting, and representatives of each research project reported the progress of their research activities and future plans. After the reports, a question-and-answer session was followed by a lively discussion with the attendees, including the selection committee members.

Event Outline

Date Tuesday, March 7, 2023 (Onsite & Online Hybrid)
Participants Principal researchers, Joint researchers, Selection committee members, and executives of Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Group companies *closed event
Agenda Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases
First Interim Report Meeting
Opening Remarks
Interim Report (by five research projects)
Comments by Chairman of Selection Committee

First Interim Report Meeting

Comprehensive Research

"International Joint Study on Public Health Economics and Value Assessment of Prevention in Pandemic – Lessons learned from COVID-19 and evidence-based recommendations for future crisis"
Speaker: Isao Kamae, Project Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo (on behalf of Principal Researcher)

Field Expanding Research

"Malaria eradication in the era of COVID-19 pandemic: a study integrating sociological, economic, and medical approaches to overcome the challenges in tropical Africa"
Speaker: Akira Kaneko, Specially Appointed Professor, Department of Parasitology, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka Metropolitan University
"Covid-19 and Society: Comparative Analysis of Risk Communication, Expertise, and Citizenship"
Speaker: Mikihito Tanaka, Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
"Exploration of Practical Wisdom and Resilience Overcoming Downside Risk
-Collecting grassroots voices in Africa under COVID-19"
Speaker: Kazuyo Hanai, Project Assistant Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo
"Implementing wastewater-based epidemiology in Asian communities to strengthen resilience against pandemics"
Speaker: Eiji Haramoto, Professor, Interdisciplinary Center for River Basin Environment, University of Yamanashi

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