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Message from the President

Osamu Naito President The Hitachi Global Foundation
Osamu Naito
The Hitachi Global Foundation

The Hitachi Global Foundation was established in 2015 by the merger of five foundations with the aim of building a sustainable society and contributing to the global community through various activities focused on three key areas: "Promotion of Academic Research, Science and Technology," "Human Development," and "Realization of an Inclusive Society."

The first of the five foundations of Hitachi was established in 1967 to support young researchers as advocated by Chikara Kurata, the second President of Hitachi, Ltd., inherited the intention of Namihei Odaira, the founder of Hitachi, Ltd., "to contribute to society through business activities." The second foundation supporting healthy youth development was established by Kamejiro Takeuchi, the former Vice President of Hitachi, Ltd., and the third foundation supporting home education and early education was established by Kenichiro Komai, the third President of Hitachi, Ltd. Finally, the fourth foundation addressing environmental and pollution problems and the fifth foundation supporting university faculties and researchers from Southeast Asia were established building the roots for today's The Hitachi Global Foundation.

In recent years, as the environment surrounding companies and enterprises has changed, business activities need to be aware of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Certainly, the development of IoT and other technologies has made our lives richer and more convenient. On the other hand, anxiety and disparity due to diversified, complicated, and globalized societies have been increasing. The unconventional environment of COVID-19 pandemic has increased these concerns. Additionally, the inception of multicultural society in local communities and the disregard from science and engineering among young people, which destabilizes the foundations of manufacturing and innovation, are also issues that should be considered.

Considering such increasing social issues, The Hitachi Global Foundation, as Hitachi's corporate foundation that is conscious of change, will continuously strive to contribute to society with respect for our predecessors' aspirations over 50 years of history.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and encouragement.


The Hitachi Global Foundation
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