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Recipients of The 53rd Kurata Grants (FY 2021)

Natural Sciences and Engineering

Energy and the Environment

Name Afilliation Research Title Research
1478 Keisuke ASANO Keisuke ASANO Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
Principles of Deceleration Catalysis for Sustainable Asymmetric Halogenation 1year
1479 Yohei ISHIDA Yohei ISHIDA Assistant Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Hokkaido University
Construction of "Inorganic Leaf" for the photo-conversion of carbon dioxide 2years
1480 Sho OGATA Sho OGATA Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University
Advancement of coupled numerical simulation for discontinuous rock mass and its application to sustainable geothermal systems 1year
1481 Tomomichi KATO Tomomichi KATO Associate Professor
Research Faculty of Agriculture
Hokkaido University
Future prediction of tropospheric ozone effect on wheat production by process-based model 1year
1482 Yasutaka KAMEI Yasutaka KAMEI Associate Professor
Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
Kyushu University
Development of Green Mining Infrastructure for Embracing the Evolution of Mobile App code 1year
1483 Masaaki SADAKIYO Masaaki SADAKIYO Junior Associate Professor
Tokyo University of Science
Creation of novel solid-state electrolyte materials using porous metal-organic frameworks 1year
1484 Takuya SHIGA Takuya SHIGA Associate Professor
University of Tsukuba
Development of high-performance magnetic refrigeration materials based on self-assembled multinuclear complexes 1year
1485 Masayuki SUDA Masayuki SUDA Associate Professor
Graduate school of engineering
Kyoto university
Realization of spin multiplicity-controlled water splitting reaction utilizing chiral-transition metal dichalcogenides 2years
1486 Jun TAKAYA Jun TAKAYA Associate Professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
New Artificial Photosynthesis Enabled by Multi-functional Metal Complexes 1year
1487 Yoshitaka NARA Yoshitaka NARA Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
Mineral precipitation using cementitious material and carbonate water and its application to long-term integrity of rock and environmental protection 1year
1488 Yasuhide MOCHIZUKI Yasuhide MOCHIZUKI Assistant Professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Elucidation of earth-abundant negative-thermal-expansion materials and its realization 1year
1489 Ryosuke YAMADA Ryosuke YAMADA Associate Professor
Osaka Prefecture University
Production of chemicals from C1 compounds by co-culture of microalgae and yeast 2years

Urban Development and Transportation

Name Afilliation Research Title Research
1490 Akiko AJIMI Akiko AJIMI Lecturer
Department of Physical Therapy Faculty of Health Sciences
Mejiro University
Research on driver behavior recognition of electrically powered scooter users and general drivers 1year
1491 Yuichiro KAWABATA Yuichiro KAWABATA Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Kyoto University
A study on the relationship between car drivers' disrespectful attitudes toward motorcycle riders and the risk of traffic accident 1year
1492 Nguyen Binh Minh Nguyen Binh Minh Researcher
Toyota Technological Institute
Glocal (Global/Local) Energy Management for Multi-motor Electric Vehicles 1year
1493 Yohei KURATA Yohei KURATA Associate Professor
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Can we find regional administrative issues from a huge amount of geo-tagged tweets? 2years
1494 Tomoyuki TAKABTAKE Tomoyuki TAKABTAKE Associate Professor
Kindai University
Influence of road blockage on the number of casualties from an earthquake and tsunami 1year
1495 Yoshiki  HIGUCHI Yoshiki HIGUCHI Professor
Nippon Institute Of Technology
Off-the-grid of water and sewage infrastructure that supports evacuation life in the event of a disaster using Slant Soil Layer Method 1year
1496 Masahiro  HIRANO Masahiro HIRANO Assistant Professor
The University of Tokyo
Onboard High-speed Vision System for Broad and High-definition Observation 1year
1497 Toshiya  MATSUKAWA Toshiya MATSUKAWA Associate Professor
Nagaoka University of Technology
Study on assessment of sectoral plans to consider sustainable public health management under the Compact City Policy 1year


Name Afilliation Research Title Research
1498 Michiko ITOH Michiko ITOH Specially Appointed Associate Professor Nagoya University Development of therapeutic strategies for NASH using supramolecular polyrotaxanes to control lipid-induced stress 1year
1499 Daisuke INO Daisuke INO Project Lecturer
Graduate School of Medicine
Osaka University
Real-time quantification of oxytocin concentration in the brain 1year
1500 Takahiro IWAO Takahiro IWAO Associate Professor
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nagoya City University
Development of in vitro evaluation models of gastrointestinal damages for personalized medicine 1year
1501 Hiroyasu KIDOYA Hiroyasu KIDOYA Professor
Faculty of Medical Sciences
University of Fukui
Development of therapeutic agents for leukemia by targeting novel functions of tumor vasculature 1year
1502 Seigo KIMURA Seigo KIMURA PhD candidate
Graduate School of Life Science
Hokkaido University
Developing an endogenous ligand-mediated non-viral gene delivery system targeting the brain 1year
1503 Shogo KUMAGAI Shogo KUMAGAI Project Researcher
Exploratory Oncology Research & Clinical Trial Center
National Cancer Center
Identification of factors that determine cell fates of organ-specific tumor infiltrating lymphocytes 1year
1504 Shunsuke KUROKI Shunsuke KUROKI Associate professor
Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences
Osaka University
Identification of Sry protein complexes for understanding sexual diversity 2years
1505 Akihiro KUWAHATA Akihiro KUWAHATA Associate professor
Graduate School of Engineering
Tohoku University
Development of cancer monitoring system with nano diamond and magnetic nanoparticles 1year
1506 Masaoki KOHZAKI Masaoki KOHZAKI Assistant Professor
Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences University of Occupational and Environmental Health
Development of cancer therapies targeting DNA repair pathways that are activated in cancer cells 1year
1507 Hiroki KOBAYASHI Hiroki KOBAYASHI Attending physician
School of Medicine
Nihon University
Investigation of pathophysiology of aldosterone overproduction based on visceral fat-adrenal linkage through humoral factor 1year
1508 Takumi SUZUKI Takumi SUZUKI Assistant professor
Ibaraki University
A novel technique to efficiently identify causative mutations 1year
1509 Kazumasa TAKAHASHI Kazumasa TAKAHASHI Assistant Professor
Nagaoka University of Technology
Development of laser ion source applying multicusp magnetic field for BNCT based on accelerator driven neutron source 1year
1510 Tomoko TAKAHASHI Tomoko TAKAHASHI Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Saitama University
Improvement of antiviral RNA silencing activity directed by small RNA 1year
1511 Ayako TAKEUCHI Ayako TAKEUCHI Associate Professor
Faculty of Medical Sciences
University of Fukui
Decoding molecular orchestration of dopaminergic neuronal cell death by a combination of physiological experiments and computational modelling 1year
1512 Koji TANIGUCHI Koji TANIGUCHI Professor
Faculty of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine
Hokkaido University
Research on the mechanisms of tumorigenesis and tissue regeneration induced by inflammatory memory 2years
1513 Kazuki HARADA Kazuki HARADA Assistant professor
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Tokyo
Analysis on the signaling pathway of behavior regulation by bacterial metabolites via gut hormones 2years
1514 Hironori HOJO Hironori HOJO Associate Professor
Graduate School of Medicine
The University of Tokyo
Development of screening system for disease-associated SNPs by integrating genome editing technology with single cell RNA sequencing 1year
1515 Rie WAKABAYASHI Rie WAKABAYASHI Assistant Professor
Kyushu University
Fabrication of supramolecules interacting with cell membranes and mechanistic investigation 1year

Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Afilliation Research Title Research
1516 Mika AKESAKA Mika AKESAKA Assistant professor
Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration
Kobe University
What's holding back women from entering STEM fields? 1year
1517 Ayami OTSUKA Ayami OTSUKA Specially appointed lecturer
Faculty of Home Economics
Tokyo Kasei University
Redefining citizens as an accountable stakeholder for future creation through visioning 1year
1518 Makoto KUREHA Makoto KUREHA Associate Professor
Yamaguchi University
Redesigning mediated communication in terms of applied philosophy concerning embodiment, language, and environment 1year
1519 Yurika SAITO Yurika SAITO Assistant Professor, Curator
Nature and Science Museum
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
The Social Impact of the Introduction of Science and Technology in the Sericulture Industry: Focusing on the Education of Women in the Sericulture Industry and Changes in the Working Environment for Women 1year
1520 Haruo SAKIYAMA Haruo SAKIYAMA Associate Professor
College of Social Sciences
Ritsumeikan University
The Bipolarization of Labor in the era of ICT and with Covid 19:From the perspective of value of face-to-face interaction and the emotional labor 1year
1521 Mariko SAKURAGI Mariko SAKURAGI PhD candidate
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Osaka University
Anthropological Research of Changing "Public Participation in Science": A Case Stugy of Do-it-yourself Biology (DIYbio) 1year
1522 Takashi JITSUHARA Takashi JITSUHARA Professor
Faculty of Law
Fukuoka University
Legal issues regarding the exchange of personal information using "My Number" System: Control of collecting Specific Personal Information by police power 1year
1523 Takehiro SUGIYAMA Takehiro SUGIYAMA Chief
Division of Health Services Research Diabetes and Metabolism
Information Center
Research Institute
National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Reconsideration of evaluation criteria for medical research and researchers aiming for better medical care from the standpoint of young medical researchers 1year
1524 Sohei TOKUNO Sohei TOKUNO Specially-appointed Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Osaka University
A study on the extension of RRI using information science as a case study 1year
1525 Sachiko YOSHIMURA Sachiko YOSHIMURA Professor
School of International Studies
Kwansei Gakuin University
United Nations (the UN) Economic Sanctions and Advancement of Technology 1year
1526 Eiichiro  WATAMURA Eiichiro WATAMURA Associate Professor
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Osaka University
The Public's Evaluation of Trial Support Systems Using Artificial Intelligence - Will "AI Judges" be Accepted? 1year


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