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Recipients of The 54th Kurata Grants (FY 2022)

Natural Sciences and Engineering

Energy and the Environment

Name Institution Title Research Title Research
1527 Masao Gen Masao Gen Tohoku University Assistant Professor Development of electrodynamic balance for understanding aerosol-climate interactions 1year
1528 Manabu Kodama Manabu Kodama Tokyo Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Elucidation and improvement of the principle of fast charging of oxide-based all solid-state lithium metal anode batteries by shot peening 1year
1529  Liwen Sang Liwen Sang National Institute for Materials Science Independent Scientist Room-temperature thermal management by GaN-based phononic crystals 1year
1530 Tsuyoshi Takami Tsuyoshi Takami Kyoto University Associate professor Pioneering of low-coordinated transition-metal nitride cathodes in fluoride-ion batteries 2year
1531 Tomonari Tanaka Tomonari Tanaka Kyoto Institute of Technology Associate Professor Synthesis of lignin-high-affinity amino acid clusters and their application to lignin degradation catalysts 1year
1532 Ryosuke Tsutsumi Ryosuke Tsutsumi Keio University Assistant Professor Development of Catalytic Amidation Technology for Sustainable Material Production 1year
1533 Satoko Nakamura   Satoko Nakamura   Nagoya University Designated Assistant Professor Risk Assessment for the Power grid in Japan against an Unexperienced Disaster related to Space Weather 2year
1534 Yongzhao Yao Yongzhao Yao Japan Fine Ceramics Center Senior Researcher Development of operando observation technique for studying the behavior of crystallographic defects in β-Ga2O3 power devices under operation 1year
1535 Yin Long Yin Long University of Tokyo Associate Professor Research of sustainable dietary habit transition based-on recipe big data and Input-output analysis 1year

Urban Development and Transportation

Name Institution Title Research Title Research
1536 Riki Kawase Riki Kawase Tokyo Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Distributed Control of Relief Logistics for Inter-organizational Coordination under Imperfect Information 2year
1537 Tomohiro Nakanishi Tomohiro Nakanishi Kyoto University Assistant Professor Simultaneous detection of pathogenic bacterial species in small-scale water supply systems by high-accuracy long-read DNA metabarcoding 1year
1538 Tao Feng Tao Feng Hiroshima University Professor AI enabled coordinated and personalized travel information recommender for smooth traffic 2year
1539 Masato Fujiga Masato Fujiga Kogakuin University Associate Professor A study on the housing development for encourage to immigration and domiciliation by local governments. 1year
1540 Takahiro Miyashita Takahiro Miyashita Musashino University Assistant professor Practice and History of Spatialization of Regional Image in Ginza 1year


Name Institution Title Research Title Research
1541 Toshikazu Araoka Toshikazu Araoka Kyoto University Assistant Professor Development of kidney self-repairing therapy using novel adult kidney stem cells for CKD 1year
1542 Ayaka Ito Ayaka Ito Nagoya University Associate Professor/Lecturer Unraveling the significance of polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in autoimmune diseases 1year
1543 Takashi Iwasaki Takashi Iwasaki Tottori University Associate Professor Selective exosome-removal method using lysosome-accumulating antibody 1year
1544 Ryunosuke Ohkawa Ryunosuke Ohkawa Tokyo Medical and Dental University Professor Investigation of erythrocytes-related lipid metabolism abnormality and its evaluation 2year
1545 Yohko Kitagawa Yohko Kitagawa Kyoto University JSPS Research Fellow RPD Functional validation of COVID-19 severity-associated SNPs using iPS cells 1year
1546 Jeonghyun Kim Jeonghyun Kim Nagoya University Assistant professor Practical application of bone regenerative medicine: Construction of 3D pellet culture model using pluripotent stem cells 1year
1547 Daisuke Koshiyama Daisuke Koshiyama University of Tokyo Research Associate Research on the pathophysiology of schizophrenia using electroencephalography and diffusion tensor imaging 1year
1548 Bo Da Bo Da National Institute for Materials Science Senior Researcher Rotating crystal film based micro-focusing X-ray source using for endoscopes 2year
1549 Amit Banerjee Amit Banerjee Kyoto University Junior associate professor Forecasting epileptic seizure by real-time EEG signal analysis by a micro-device 1year
1550 Ryuhei Harada Ryuhei Harada University of Tsukuba Associate Professor Tailor-Made Design of Binding Pockets of Compounds based on a New Flexible Docking Technique 1year
1551 Hironori Bando Hironori Bando Kobe University Assistant Professor The mechanism of growth hormone secretion by head movement stimulation and the development of equipment to improve lifestyle-related diseases 1year
1552 Emi Hibino Emi Hibino Nagoya University Assistant Professor Development of cancer diagnosis based on amyloid of tumor suppressor protein p53 1year
1553 Takeshi Fuchigami Takeshi Fuchigami Kanazawa University Associate Professor Development of survivin-targeted theranostic agents for selective cancer diagnosis and treatment 1year
1554 Kentaro Hosokawa Kentaro Hosokawa Kyushu University Lecture The function of telomere-binding factors in the regulation of the pathogenic microenvironment of hematopoietic malignancies 1year
1555 Takehito Kikuchi Takehito Kikuchi Oita University Professor Development and evaluation of tele-surgical robot with fine haptic control using Fe nanoparticle-mixed MR fluid 2year
1556 Imari Mimura Imari Mimura University of Tokyo Lecturer Breakthrough of epigenetic memory in AKI-to-CKD transition 1year
1557 Masashi Yanagihara Masashi Yanagihara Yamaguchi University Assistant Professor Development of human dry-preserved multilayered fibroblast cell sheets for tissue repair and regenerative therapy 1year
1558 Satoshi Yamada Satoshi Yamada Hokkaido University Assistant Professor Development of mechanically functional implants designed based on cancellous bone structure 1year
1559 Kenji Yoshida Kenji Yoshida Chiba University Associate Professor Development of ultrasound contrast agents for innovative blood pressure evaluation 1year

Humanities and Social Sciences

Name Institution Title Research Title Research
1560 Nobumichi Ariga Nobumichi Ariga Hitotsubashi University Associate Professor Development of a Standard Description Format for Cataloging Archival Materials of Researchers: Focusing on Physicists' Materials 1year
1561 Ishio Tomohisa Ishio Tomohisa Kanazawa University Associate Professor Modernization of regulations on digital platforms 1year
1562 Aya Okada Aya Okada Tohoku University Associate Professor Revisiting the Meaning of “Giving” in the Contemporary Society: Sociological Approach with Focus on Individual Narratives 1year
1563 Yoshimi Kataoka Yoshimi Kataoka Hokkaido University PhD Student What Is “Integration” across Multiple Disciplines: Laboratory Studies by Insiders on a Solution-Oriented Interdisciplinary Research Project 1year
1564 Bingyi Gong Bingyi Gong Osaka University Doctoral Student  The Influence of Western Competition and Cooperation on U.S.-China Technology Trade: from the Perspective of Computer Technology (1969-2001) 1year
1565 Kohei Seki Kohei Seki Shimane University Professor A Comparative Study on Reproductivity and Community Functioning in Japan and China: Can Regions with High Fertility Survive in the Global Economy? 1year
1566 Yuki Teranishi Yuki Teranishi Keio University Professor Short Product Cycles by Innovations in Production and Sales Management and Japanese Deflation 1year
1567 Tatsuya Fujimura Tatsuya Fujimura Kyoto University Assistant Professor Digital Transformation of Learning Culture and Private Tutoring Industry in the EdTech Age of Japan 1year
1568 Mitsuru Sasaki-Honda Mitsuru Sasaki-Honda Kyoto University JSPS CPD Reconsideration of the concept of intractable diseases in modern societies with developing science and technology 1year
1569 Masafumi Miki Masafumi Miki  Nara University professor Historical review of railways in Japan from the viewpoint of scale-down 1year
1570 Takuya Watanabe Takuya Watanabe Kyoto University Program-Specific Senior Lecturer Outlines for ethical review of non-medical research consider from the perspective of Research Ethics Committees and researchers 1year


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