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The Hitachi Global Foundation

— New Learning for a New Age — Project Based Learning (PBL) to Find and Solve Problems and Nurture the Innovators of Tomorrow


In this age, society is changing at an accelerated rate and it is difficult to make predictions about the future. We need students to ask questions and aim for solutions on their own instead of passively dealing with changes, challenge themselves to create new value through cooperation with others, and have the ability to carve out the future.

At The Hitachi Global Foundation, we work to support the training of human resources in science and technology that will bear the next generation. In our programs, we have established the personality traits (creativity, curiosity, independence, and challenging spirit) and abilities (problem finding and solving ability) required for future human resources in science and technology, and defined these as Abilities to Innovate the Future.

Through being placed in long-term teams to tackle self-established problems based on the theme of solving school problems, students encounter the process of finding and solving problems multiple times.

This program aims to nurture these personality traits and abilities through independent and cooperative study.

Program Concept

Feature 1: Established Based on the Scientific Thought Process A Two-phase Program

Phase 1

Skill training to nurture and showcase personality traits and abilities

Phase 2

Project Based Learning (PBL) on solving school problems, making use of the personality traits and abilities trained in Phase 1

Feature 2: Independently Nurturing the Ability to Find and Solve Problems Goal Card Challenge and Visualization of Growth

Through taking on game elements with cards featuring goals to study, shown in phases, growth is visualized while also helping students proactively develop their abilities, leading to an increase in desire to reach the next goal.

Feature 3: Presenting Problem-solving Examples and Advice On-site Lessons by Corporate Lecturers

On-site Lessons by Corporate Lecturers

Using social innovation projects as examples, corporate lecturers (Hitachi Future Supporters) explain methods for actual problem solving, offer advice for students’ ideas, and support the students' problem-solving process.

Program Structure

Innovators Making Great Social Change

 Future Innovators Making Great Changes to Schools

5th year students! You have a mission to create a better school as leaders of your school.
Reform your school into the ideal school as future innovators!
Length: about 4 months / Lesson Time: about 14 hours (comprehensive studying, etc.) + personal study (homework)
Skill Training (about 1.5 months)
Learning Experience (about 2.5 months)
Employees from the Hitachi Group will visit schools as corporate lecturers (Hitachi Future Supporters)
*Excluding on-site lessons, school teachers at each school will carry out the program based on program materials


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