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The Hitachi Global Foundation

The Hitachi Global Foundation Science and Technology Seminars

Promotion of Academic Research, Science and Technology

This program offers open seminars for the general public. The purpose of the program is to get researchers involved in the forefront of science to introduce the latest topics in an easy to understand manner and allow people from a wide range of ages to experience the enjoyment and importance of science.

Past Seminars
Year Lecturer *The title is the one at that time.
15 2019 Takashi Tsuji
Team Leader,Laboratory for Organ Regeneration, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
14 2018 Suda Yoshihiro
Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, and Head, Mobility Innovation Collaborative Research Organization
13 2017 Takaaki Hirotsu
President&CEO, Hirotsu Bio Science Inc.
12 2016 Ando Masaki
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Tokyo
11 2015 Yamaoka Koshun
Professor, Earthquake and Volcano Research Center, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University
10 2015 Motokawa Tatsuo
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
9 2011 Fujishima Akira
President, Tokyo University of Science
8 2010 Sakurai Susumu
Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology Center for the Study of World Civilizations
7 2005 Koshiba Masatoshi
Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics
Takeda Gyo
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo and Tohoku University
6 1999 Charles Conrad
Commander of Apollo 12
5 1998 Fukui Kenichi
Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
4 1997 Kinoshita Koreo
Professor Emeritus, Gakushuin University
3 1996 Kondo Jiro
President, Science Council of Japan
2 1995 Tonomura Akira
Senior Chief Researcher, Hitachi Center for Exploratory Research
1 1994 Nakamura Yoshio
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology