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The Hitachi Global Foundation

Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases

Promotion of Academic Research, Science and Technology


In our global society, where social and economic activities are complexly linked, the pandemic of COVID-19 has caused personal, economic and social impacts in every country, and has also highlighted many vulnerabilities and issues in a variety of fields including politics, economy, legal systems, science and technology and international relations. We need to share knowledge and lessons learned from the hard time to build a more resilient society, while also working to end the pandemic.
In order to contribute to promotion of academic research and science and technology, the Hitachi Global Foundation has been offering research support to researchers in the humanities and social science field as well as those in the science and technology field. Today, the Hitachi Global Foundation has established a grant program by donations from Hitachi, Ltd., its executives and employees, and executives from its Group company based on our vision. This fund is to provide grants for evidence-based research projects aiming to academically research, analyze, and study the various issues that have surfaced due to the pandemic of COVID-19, and then share the learnings internationally.


  1. Joint research with multiple researchers (referred to as "research team")
  2. A research team must have a principal researcher in the team and the principal researcher can apply for the grant.
  3. The principal researcher must belong to a university or research institution located in Japan (for-profit companies are excluded). The principal researcher must submit a recommendation letter from the head of the affiliation such as president, dean, chairperson, department head, director, laboratory director, direct supervisor, etc.
  4. The principal researcher is supposed to be able to remain as a principal researcher throughout the grant period in principal.
  5. The principal researcher must hold Japanese nationality or permanent residence in Japan when applying.
  6. The research team must have at least one group leader who belongs to a foreign university or research institution.

Eligible Fields

Eligible fields include research and analysis, and comparative analysis on the effects of COVID-19 on civic life, politics, economy, legal systems, science and technology, communities and international relations from a perspective of humanities and social science, policy science and social medicine, but it is not limited to research on COVID-19. Clinical or biomedical research is not eligible. The target country for research is not limited to Japan.


  • Utilization and application of data for regulatory science in the medical field
  • Mid- to long-term social impacts and international aid in emerging countries
  • Social acceptance and tolerance of scientific advice and political and administrative decisions
  • Public communication with the government, media and science community, and behavioral change
  • Compatibility of infection prevention and economic policies
  • Potential for lifestyle transformation and of the future of urban design

Grant Amount

Total amount: 150 million JPY

Grant Amount
Large-scale Research Medium-scale Research
50 million JPY or less/research project
Large-scale research project that tackles multiple issues and covers multiple continents with an integral theme requiring multiple specialties
less than 30 million JPY/research project
Research project that is a smaller scale than the large-scale research (issues or required specialties are limited, but over multiple regions or countries)

Grant Period

Up to three years from December 2021




Grant recipients will be selected based on agreement of the selection committee which includes evaluations of the following items as well as comprehensive evaluation, and the Board of Directors of the Hitachi Global Foundation will approve the decision.

Evaluation points:

  • Is a research project an empirical research based on evidence and/or data?
  • Is a research project so challenging that it could not be achieved without a global joint research?
  • Is a research project approach interdisciplinary and well organized in the team?
  • Is a research project well planned to share the research outcome globally and domestically?
  • Is the research plan feasible for the target term?
  • Is the research budget reasonable?

How to apply

Application is public offering and application can only be made online.
You can download the application forms below, register from the application registration page, and then apply.
There is no designated format for the recommendation letter, but you can refer to the required items in the sample recommendation letter if using your own letter form.
Once application registration is complete, you will receive a three-digit application number and a URL to the application page. Your application number must be indicated in your application form as well as Japanese summary of research project.
Both of a Word file and PDF of your application form are required to submit and the contents of two files must be the same.
We do not accept any applications by mail.

Steps for application


Complete the application registration from the designated URL.


Application number and application page URL will be sent to your registered email.


Submit the required forms from the application page.


Confirmation message will be sent to your registered email.

The application was closed.


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